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What are the benefits of a roof rack?


The roof luggage rack not only serves a decorative and aesthetic purpose, but can also hold things that cannot be placed in the luggage compartment. The following is an introduction to the roof luggage rack:

Roof luggage compartment function:

It can hold things that cannot be placed in the luggage compartment, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding beds, etc., as long as the goods are fixed in place, especially by adding a luggage rope net on the goods, it can carry more things. Of course, it cannot exceed the designed load capacity of the luggage rack of 30-50 kilograms.

Roof luggage rack usage:

The roof luggage rack of a car is a support frame or component installed on the top of the vehicle to securely and conveniently secure luggage. It is generally used on two box wagon, SUV, MPV and other vehicle models.

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